TCM Courses

TCM Courses

These courses have been created for you in very clear and easy to understand language, with practical analysis so that you can begin to implement even as you study. 

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How to Create Customized Gamified lessons

In this course, you will learn to create custom made games to support the lessons you teach, increasing children's retention and interaction during lessons. This will not only make you an effective teacher but also empower you to earn more as you integrate it into your practice.

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Earn 200k or More Monthly Using STEAM Integration

This course is suitable for versatile teachers, school administrators or school owners. You will learn how to create extra income sources using the STEAM approach to learning. You will also be introduced to Apps that you can explore for your lessons.

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Teach Kids To Create Websites And Apps (No Prior Tech Skill Needed)

Just like most adults, not all kids like to code. This should not limit their creative abilities. In this course, you will learn how to teach students to create functional websites and apps without having to code. This means you don't need to know how to code as well. Have fun learning.

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Creating Simulations for STEM Subjects: Get Your Students to Perform Interactive and Gamified Experiments Without A Laboratory.

In this course, you will learn how to create simulations for STEM topics such that students have a practical feel of the lesson, enabling deep learning and high retention. Schools and Independent Teachers can integrate this in their practice to create unique learning experiences and to charge appropriately.

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Multiple Intelligences SetUp

This course is suitable for School owners, school administrators, and Independent Educators. In this course, you will learn the ethics and effective setup of 21st century multiple intelligences enhancement programs for your organization and for the benefits of learners. You will have access to a list of programs, how to set them up and a curriculum to guide each program. You will also learn how to monetize them.

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Becoming a Teacherpreneur

This course gives you an insight into what it entails to become a teacher who also runs a business. You will learn the requirements, getting started, niching profitably, time management, and personal branding.