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Hey there! I am Victoria Ogunlade-Ajise – a teacher,  mom of 2, educational consultant, Curriculum Developer, and a STEAM Integration Specialist. You bet I am the ideal Teacherpreneur. 

I know exactly how it feels living from paycheck to paycheck or from the proceeds of one coaching or consulting gig to another. The anxiety and constant longing for the next income to come in. If you are a go-getter like me, you must have considered either looking for a job that pays more, an extra source of income or considered starting or scaling your own business – having an audience that you serve. This definitely means you have the teacherpreneur tendency.

The crux of this however, is the difficulty at every level of being a teacherpreneur. You constantly face obstacles and challenges as you progress, and you might have though of giving up sometimes.

Not to worry, I have created this quiz just for you, using my experiences building a successful teacherpreneur profile and business to help you get the information, support and inspiration you need irrespective of the stage you are at!

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